CZ Rimfire Integral


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If it weren’t for the endcap, this suppressor would be completely unnoticeable ­— that is until the trigger is pulled. Then it still might go unnoticed, since with sub-sonic ammo the loudest report will be that of the striker falling.
Built into one of our standard 455 Varmint barrels, it utilizes a patented screw-in baffle system. Using the included tool, the owner can thread the baffles in to pre-designated locations within the forward threaded suppressor portion of the barrel. If they wish, they can tune baffle lengths to their liking, finding just the right combination for their load of choice.
Baffles and endcap are cut from 7075 aluminum, meaning between the hollowing out of the barrel and the lightweight suppressor components, the .866” diameter Varmint barrel experiences some weight loss while still measuring in at 20.9”.
A unique (and patented) baffle thread cuts through accumulated crud for regular cleanings, which we recommend
be done every 300 rounds due to the dirty nature of rimfire ammunition.
Product NameCZ Rimfire Integral 22 LR 16.9″
Weight30.8 oz.
Diameter0.866 in.
Overall Length16.9 in.